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28th Mar 2008

Open Source Projects on Google Code

One of the IDEs that I use on a regular basis (FlashDevelop) has a repository of plugins on Google code so I started checking out the site. After looking around a bit, I figured why not. So I started two projects.

For my day job I use a PHP framework called Framewerk. This is a very powerful system, but it is a bit more than I need for some of the other sites that I work on the side. So out of a mix of curiosity and utility, I decided I would take a shot at creating my own simple framework that more suited my needs (and just to see if I could do). The beginnings of this can be found here.

OOAS (Object Oriented ActionScript):
As mentioned in my Introduction post, I spend some of my free time answering questions at Flashkit’s forum. Eventually a discussion about OOP in ActionScript arose on the forum and I decided to do a few tutorials there. The tutorials got a pretty good response so I decided to expand on the idea and create a repository of classes I have created that is open to the general public.

Both of these are in their early stages, but I am already making modifications to the systems as I play with them. As of the time of this post, I am the only member, but we shall see how they go.

Bye for now.

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26th Mar 2008


Based on the speed of the admin section, I have no idea how many people will bother waiting for this to load (the other sections of the site seem to load fine, only the blog is slow for me), but for those of you who stuck around, Hi.

So, my name is Jeremy Wischusen and at the time of the creation of this blog I am working as a Flash-PHP developer for  Aside from that, I do a lot of freelance Flash and Flex work and have been known to spend time answering questions at Flashkit’s forum. Since that was not taking up enough of my free time, and I am a glutton for punishment, I thought I would give this system a try since my web hosting provider provides it for free.

If time permits, I thought I might chronicle some of the more interesting situations that I have run into in the course of my projects, but we shall see  how that goes.

So if you have stuck around  long enough to read this line, thank and feel free to comment.

Bye for now.

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