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28th Mar 2008

Open Source Projects on Google Code

One of the IDEs that I use on a regular basis (FlashDevelop) has a repository of plugins on Google code so I started checking out the site. After looking around a bit, I figured why not. So I started two projects.

For my day job I use a PHP framework called Framewerk. This is a very powerful system, but it is a bit more than I need for some of the other sites that I work on the side. So out of a mix of curiosity and utility, I decided I would take a shot at creating my own simple framework that more suited my needs (and just to see if I could do). The beginnings of this can be found here.

OOAS (Object Oriented ActionScript):
As mentioned in my Introduction post, I spend some of my free time answering questions at Flashkit’s forum. Eventually a discussion about OOP in ActionScript arose on the forum and I decided to do a few tutorials there. The tutorials got a pretty good response so I decided to expand on the idea and create a repository of classes I have created that is open to the general public.

Both of these are in their early stages, but I am already making modifications to the systems as I play with them. As of the time of this post, I am the only member, but we shall see how they go.

Bye for now.

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