29th Apr 2008

Setting the Initial Sort for a Flex DataGrid Component

A client asked me recently to to have the data being displayed in a Data Grid be initially sorted by store name (See Creating an Image Reflection in Flex to view the project in question). The way you do this is by sorting the Datagrid’s data provider. To do this, you need to create a sort object, assign it some sort fields, set that sort object as the dataprovider’s sort object (so you have to be using some sort of sortable collection to do it this way) and refresh the collection. This looks something like this:

private var storesXMLCollection:XMLListCollection = new XMLListCollection();
private var initSort:Sort = new Sort();

/ /SortField(name:String = null, caseInsensitive:Boolean = false, descending:Boolean = false, numeric:Boolean = false) so in this case companyName is the XML Node I am sorting on and the second parameter indicates that the sort should be case insensitive.

this.initSort.fields = [new SortField(“companyName”, true)];

this.storesXMLCollection.sort = this.initSort;

//once the sort object has been applied, refresh the collection.


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