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12th Apr 2008

The MAC Attack.

So yes, I have finally gone and done it. I bought a MAC (MAC Book Pro 17 inch for those who just have to know). The main reasons I had been staying with PC all this time is that the software I had been working on (as in writing the code for, not simply using) was for PC only, the Flash IDE is not available for Linux (Otherwise I would be using Ubuntu), and MACs cost more. I have had it for a week now, and I understand why it costs more; its a better product. However, if you work in the field I work in, there are something you need to remember.

Cross Browser Testing

Yesterday for my job, I was working on some CSS formatting issues and one them, of course, was a difference in how IE was rendering vs. Firefox. So I take a looks at it in Firefox, looks good. So I go to check in IE (hummm where id I put that ?) Ah thats right, new MAC need to go install it. Well, unfortunately, Microsoft stopped making IE for MAC at version 5 (at the time of this writing beta 8 was available for download).

Now there are several options for this including dual operating systems with Bootcamp, a few VMWare solutions and the like (justs google it).

Just keep in mind that it you are switching the a MAC from PC, you are going to have to figure out how you are do your IE testing.

ActionScript IDE

On the PC I use FlashDevelop and would still be using SEPY if it worked with CS 3. Unfortunately, the MAC version of SEPY crashed on opening FlashDevelop is PC only. So I have been searching for a viable alternative. I have read a bunch using XCode with ActionScript, so I have downloaded that, but have not had the time to actually test out a project. I have tried out some others such as Editra and Smultron both of which had syntax coloring and Smultron even had auto complete (although it capitalized the name of the variable it completed, so that is more or less useless). So I will have to give XCode a try and see that looks like.

So those would be the big two issues I have run into. Other than that I am loving it.


Found a potential solution for testing in IE. IE4OSX allows you to run multiple version of IE on the MAC without having to do the reboot thing. The CTO here at work tried it out the other day and said there were a few flickering issues, but as far as allowing you to do basic testing, it should be fine.

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