14th May 2008

AS 3 Animated Clip Class

So recently I finished (as in have something usable, they’re never finished) an AS3 animation class.

Basically I client of mine had me use mc_tween.as for a few projects and I decide to have a go at creating something similar in AS3 (from what I have read on the author’s site, he to is working on an AS3 version).

If you want to check out the class, you can find it on google code. Again, all of this stuff is a work in progress, so bugs are par for the course.

Here is a quick sample of how it can be used. The following example is created using this code:

//ball is a movie clip whose class I have set in the linkage dialog to com.vfd.animation.AnimatedClip;
import fl.transitions.easing.*
ball.easing = Bounce.easeInOut
ball.fadeTo(0,2, true);
ball.sizeTo(10,10, 2, true);
ball.spinTo(90, 2, true)
ball.orbitDistance = 50;


Also started an AS 2 version. In the same code repository on google code.

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