08th Aug 2008

Word Completion in Eclipse

For a long time I used IDEs such as SEPY and Flashdevelop, however, when I work on my MAC or Linux systems, I do not have these available to me and I have yet to find a full satisfactory replacement. One of the features I love about those editors is that when I define  a variable in a file, it then becomes available in the auto-completion feature. This was great as I did not have to constantly type out all of the variables and methods I defined.

The other day I was doing some research on Eclipse for an article I am writing and discovered that Eclipse has a word completion feature. If you start typing something and then press Alt+/ Eclipse will present you with an auto-complete box with all the words that start with what you have type, or if there is only one match, it will insert it.

While this is not quite as nice as the features in SEPY and Flashdevelop, it is definitely a time saver. Additionally, since this is an Eclipse feature, it works with all sorts of file types.

Definitely a feature worth knowing about.

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