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30th Oct 2008

arcTo curved animation

While trying to answer another post on Flashkit, ran across an interesting dilemma.

The basic idea here was to create a function that would create a curved animation path to a specified x and y coordinate.

The basic idea here is:

  1. Find the pivot point between the current x and y and the desired x and y.
  2. Calculate the current angle from this pivot point for the current x and y of the clip.
  3. Calculate the ending angle based on the desired ending coordinates and the pivot point.
  4. Using trig, update the x and y of the clip along an arc at a given radius until it reaches the end angle.

After a while of playing with it, came up with this

In AS frame main movie:

import CurvedAnimation;
var ca:CurvedAnimation = new CurvedAnimation(ball);

Class File (this is by no means complete and has some code left over from various previous attempts, but it shows what I finally came up with):

class CurvedAnimation {
private var _clip:MovieClip;
private var startAngle:Number;
private var currentAngle:Number;
public var speed:Number = 1;
public var arcWidth:Number;
private var endAngle:Number;
private var pivotX:Number;
private var pivotY:Number;
private var updateInterval:Number;
public function CurvedAnimation(clip:MovieClip) {
trace(“new curved animation”);
this._clip = clip;
public function arcTo(endX:Number, endY:Number) {
var midWay = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(this._clip._x-endX, 2)+Math.pow(this._clip._y-endY, 2))/2;
this.arcWidth= 100;
_root.endPin._x = endX;
_root.endPin._y = endY;
_root.endPin.lbl_txt.text = “End point”;

if (endX>this._clip._x) {
this.pivotX = Math.floor(this._clip._x+midWay);
} else {
this.pivotX = Math.floor(this._clip._x-midWay);
if (endY>this._clip._Y) {
this.pivotY = Math.floor(this._clip._y+midWay);
} else {
this.pivotY = Math.floor(this._clip._y-midWay);
this.currentAngle = this.startAngle = Math.atan2(this._clip._y – this.pivotY ,this._clip._x – this.pivotX)*180/Math.PI
this.endAngle = Math.atan2(endY – this.pivotY ,endX- this.pivotX)*180/Math.PI
this.updateInterval = setInterval(this, “updatePosition”, 100);
private function debug() {
_root.midPin._x = this.pivotX;
_root.midPin._y = this.pivotY;
_root.midPin.lbl_txt.text = “mid point”;
trace(“Current position x: “+this._clip._x+” y: “+this._clip._y);
trace(“Pivot point x: “+this.pivotX+” y: “+this.pivotY);
trace(“Start Angle “+this.startAngle);
trace(“Current Angle “+this.currentAngle);
trace(“End Angle “+this.endAngle);
_root.debug.mouseAngle.text =this.currentAngle

private function updatePosition(){

//this._clip._y = -0.002644 * Math.pow(((this._clip._x += 5) – 200), 2) + 200;
if (Math.floor(this.currentAngle) <= Math.floor(this.endAngle)){
this._clip._y = this.pivotY + Math.sin(this.currentAngle * (Math.PI/180))*this.arcWidth;
this._clip._x = this.pivotX + Math.cos(this.currentAngle * (Math.PI/180))*this.arcWidth;
this.currentAngle += this.speed;
this.currentAngle %= 360;



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24th Oct 2008

Joey Lott Presentation

Yesterday I attended a presentation on Adobe Air by Joey Lott. First of all, this guy is a great presenter and if you have the chance to go see him, do so. Secondly, if you have not read any of his books, I highly recommend them. Currently I am reading through Adobe AIR in Action and that is definitely worth taking a look at if you are interested in AIR.

However, it is not really the topic of AIR or Joey’s books that I want to cover.

During the presentation, the topic of what skills one should focus on if one wanted to get a job in the industry came up. Joey made a particular analogy in his response that is worth sharing.

He likened knowing ActionScript to knowing English (or any other language). He then went on to say, knowing English, while a prerequisite for being a poet, is not itself alone enough to make you one.

He was using this analogy in the context of reviewing potential candidate for his company. He was not interested in degrees or certifications, he wanted to see your poetry (what can you do and what have you done).

This is a great point he was making and it is something that is missed by many interview processes (especially phone screens). Basically many of the interviews I have been through start with a phone screen where they archaic questions about language features. Who cares. If you can’t tell I have the skills you are looking for from the examples I provide on my blog and resume, why bother calling me?

So perhaps when you are evaluating whether you are interested in working for a company, ask yourself; where the interested in what I had done, or more interested in my ability to answer silly question?

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09th Oct 2008

Gotta Go To Mo’s

Just finished up the site redesign of Modell’s Sporting goods. I was a team member on this and the rest of the team was a great help, so I in know way want to represent this as if I was the only one involved.

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