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25th Nov 2008

Toys R Us AIR Application

Now I personally had nothing to do with the development of this, but since I have been following AIR since it was called Apollo, I do find it interesting to see what people are doing with it. As it turns out the company I am currently contacting for (GSI Commerce) released a AIR based widget for Toys R Us today.

The widget finds deals at you local Toys R Us stores based on your zip code. You can check it out here.

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25th Nov 2008

Installing Trac and SVN

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of installing Trac with SVN support on one of the servers I am managing, and yes it is as bad as you have heard. So I thought I would share the resources that helped me get through it.

I basically followed this guide
However, be sure to read all of the comments as it was not until I read through those that I discovered there are some additional development packages that I needed install to make it work.

I also used this a a secondary resource:

Took some fiddling, but finally got it to work.

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