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19th Aug 2009

Learning JQuery 1.3 Book

I have spent quite few trips to the book store scouring the shelves for a book on JQuery (yes I know I could order one online, but for me part of the whole experience is picking the book up and leafing through it). As it turns out, the other day I was contacted about reviewing one. At this point, I have only had time to look through it briefly, but from what I can see there is some good stuff in this one.

The title of the book is Learning JQuery 1.3 and here are some of the things that impressed me so far. Firstly, the Forward of the book is written by John Resig the Creator of jQuery and he gives very high praise to the authors. Secondly it includes sections on creating such things as an image carousel and a headline rotator, so we are not talking about a book on just the mechanics of JQuery, you actually get to see practical applications of JQuery.

You can find a sample chapter of the book here and more details on the publisher’s site here.

I have placed links to this book on the Development Resources and Book Recommendations as well.

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