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27th Dec 2009

Professional Cairngorm: Errata?

So I was browsing around the Cairngorm site this morning and while I was there I happened to look at the RSS feed and saw something entitled “Quoted in “Professional Cairngorm” “. Turns out one of the authors I quoted in my chapter on criticisms of Cairngorm found the quotation in a Google book search. It also turns out that I may not have fully conveyed the intent of the author’s criticisms. As such, I wanted to post a link to the authors post so that you can look at it directly and allow the author to correct anything I may have mis-represented.

Heard back from the author at the cited post. The issue was not that I misquoted the author in the passages that I cited, but rather I did not convey the full scope of the author’s criticisms of Cairngorm. The passages I quoted focused on criticisms of Singletons (which are one of the major criticism levelled at Cairngorm), but the author has also made criticisms of Cairngorm that go beyond its use of Singletons. You can read the author’s thoughts on Cairngorm and other topics on this blog

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