Philadelphia Flash Camp 2009 – Cairngorm AIR

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Presentation Overview:

This session examines elements of building a simple blogging application using Adobe AIR and Cairngorm.
The application is complex enough and contains enough features to get a sense of working with the Cairngorm framework without becoming too repetitive. Implemented features include, user registration, login, adding of posts and others. The first part of the presentation will be a brief introduction to Adobe air focusing on the SQLite database that drives the application.
The second will be a brief overview of Cairngorm. The remainder of the presentation will be spent examining the sample application followed by a question and answer period.


Philly Flash Camp 2009 – Cairngorm Air (Powerpoint)

FlexBlog – App (ZIP format, but not a flex project archive)


The content of the above files are excerpts from my book on Cairngorm, which can be found here.

Flex Framework Comparison

Some people asked about a Cairngorm vs other Flex frameworks. This article gives a brief high level comparison of Cairngorm, Mate, SWIZ and PureMVC.

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