Professional Cairngorm

Book I wrote on using the Cairngorm Framework with Flex.

Adobe Air File API

An article I wrote on the Adobe AIR File API.

Getting started with Eclipse code templates

This tutorial covers the basic use of Eclipse code templates. It takes a broad approach to expose the key concepts and skills that apply to templates regardless of the particular plug-in they’re associated with. You will learn about the benefits of templates, how to create and edit them, and how to use them within the Eclipse IDE to increase your productivity.

Choosing a Flex Framework

A brief comparison of some of the most popular Flex frameworks and somethings to consider when choosing a Flex framework.

3 Responses to “Publications”

  1. Lance E Sloan Says:

    Do you have a copy of your Eclipse code template article available in PDF format or something similar? IBM’s web site is broken. People are unable to authenticate to read your article (or other articles).


  2. Jeremy Wischusen Says:

    We are looking into the problem right now.

  3. Jeremy Wischusen Says:

    Seems to be good now.