This page contains links to site that I have worked on. In some cases I was the primary architect and in others I was part of a team or simply added some new feature to the existing site.


myMag section of

Basically this section of the site is my creation. I was told to create an online magazine and content management system. All I was given was photo shop mock ups. The major features of myMag are:

  • Articles – Users can submit articles they have written and add photos and videos.
  • Celebrity Burn – Site admins choose a photo of a celebrity and load it into a special Flash based drawing widget. User’s can then draw on the photo and the drawing is saved until another user clears it or draws something else.
  • Categorized Forum System – This is by far the most popular feature. Works basically liek any other forums system.
  • Admin System – The admin system allows myMag admins to approve content, delete inappropriate content and feature specific content.

I designed all of these systems from scratch including database table design, SQL, PHP, CSS and Flash widgets.

US Clients

One Brave ChickBlog – Installed WordPress and customized theme to match main site.

Australian Clients

Club Suntory

I created the advertising system used on the bottom of the page where the ads cross fade. This system functions off of an XML file for easy updating and can load and fade both images and SWF files. This is coded in ActionScript 3.0.

Haverick Meats

I coded the header flash piece where the images slide onto the screen and the video player.

Independently Certified Diamonds

I created the Flex piece on this page as well as the PHP classes that interact with the database.

GSI Clients

These are the site I directly worked on while at GSI commerece. I primarily worked in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSP. My involvement in these sites ranges from bug fixes to being part of full site redesigns. GSI’s full client list can be viewed here.

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    good sites… not as god as mine but u r getting there flex_lamp. keep it up boy :)